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Lindsey's Dance Xtreme - Testimonials

"Hi Lindsey, Thank you for taking the time to complete the Dance Teacher Certification Exam. You had a perfect score and it was a pleasure for me to read your comments! You write very well. I was very impressed with your comments and I agree with your philosophy of teaching. It was nice to hear that you "warm up" your audience at your recitals by encouraging audience members to applaud and cheer! I do that too and it makes my recitals fun for everyone! You have some very creative your in and out doors to the studio and having your students dance their way to their cubbies! What a great idea! Nice job!
I wish you all the best and I'm sure your students feel lucky to have you as their energetic, creative, dedicated dance instructor!

~Kathleen Bazzano
Founder - Dance and Gym USA

"I am so proud that my daughter is a part of Lindsey's Dance Xtreme. She has learned so much more then just dance moves. There is such a positive atmosphere in the studio, from both the teachers and the other dancers. LDX has really pulled the best out of my daughter! I believe that will carry over in all of her life situations to come! We love Miss Lindsey, Miss Morgan, Miss Linell and Miss Jordan!!!"
Keep Dancing!

~Proud Parent

"When I signed my 2 year old up for classes at LDX, it was in hopes that dancing would boost her confidence enough that I could then work on her shyness at home. I have been shocked, and beyond pleased, to find that attending classes with Ms. Lindsey once every two weeks has made her go from a quiet reserved child in public, to a child who will dance in restaurant booths and shopping carts, reply to complete strangers, and just have too much personality sometimes at home. ;) Thank you Ms. Lindsey and everybody at LDX for all that you do, and for helping my daughter to come out of her quiet, reserved shell. :)"

~Twinkling Babies Dance Mom




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